23 maj 2011

Experiments with fabrics

Continuing experiments with various fabrics...

The first two pictures are the front and back sides of  a piece of painting canvas after rinsed with hot water and finished with melted bee wax. The canvas becomed stiffer in hand feel since some crinkles appeared. On the other side of the canvas, the white painting materials shed off  during rinsing process.  The finished canvas looks old and vintage with the uneven colour tones, it may be good to be used for making a hangbag or jacket.

The third picture is a semi-transparent paper-like fabric after ruste dye. It shows that rust dyeing also works well with man-made fabric like polyester, but the outcome is a bit uneven and extreme with the colour distributions.

The last picture is evolon (non-woven) finished also with melted bee wax. The outcomes are dependent on how and where you place the melted bee wax on the fabric and crackle it afterwards. I really like the outcomed textures which are like both thin leather and crinkled paper.

22 maj 2011

Rust Dyed Project


Rust dyeing is really fun to get different dyeing outcomes. Cotton works really well.
We suggest experimenting the dyeing techniques with old clothes or fabrics, so that you can recycle them by yourself, enjoy and have funs!

19 maj 2011

Spring Collections 1 - Precious Deluxe

In the mist of Spring, the memories of the good days are still here in our minds when the good starter comes, Precious Deluxe would be perfect for the mix and match for your Spring happy clothing with the deluxe like vintage inspired accessories together.

The semi exaggerate rings, from the innocent beige to the happy and colourful rainbow colours; the harmony gold coloured jewelry like earrings, necklaces and bracelets, along with pearls and rhinestones would be totally accessible for most of the delicate occasions where you go in spring.

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Spring Collections 2 - Throw Down Elegance

The Throw Down Elegance collection would be a symbolic and sophisticated dressing way for your gathering occasions. Inspired by party ladies back to the 1920s, the flapper fashion liked elements are totally immersed in the products. The exaggeration in sizes and the use of black and golden swing colours carry this style to extreme and unusual. Celebrating the exquisite details, the Art Deco like earrings and necklaces would be the right match with the oldies style. All these glamorous and detailed fashion items inspired from the roaring twenties are just about elegance. 

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A Vinatge Fashion Webshop - http://www.nostalgier.com